Bibi Seck is 19 year old DJ and producer hailing from Antwerp, Belgium. Despite her young age, she has been making clubs all over Europe drip sweat from their ceilings with her energetic, funky sets that are sure to jam-pack the dance floor instantly.

A teenaged Bibi got her first break as a DJ a few years ago by playing in Antwerp's R&B and hip-hop scene with regular appearances at ClitClap, Vivid and various other Belgian nightlife staples. Those sets got her noticed quickly and bookings at WECANDANCE Festival and Sfinks Festival quickly followed. Since then, Bibi joined her friends of the Parisian girl-gang #GIRLSDOITBETTER and has played sets all over France, including appearances in Paris, Lyon and Lille. As Seck traveled around with an open mind, her sets became more eclectic overtime, combining her funky R&B throwbacks and classic urban grooves with a grittier sound including UK garage, trap and other electronic influences.

Recently, Seck has enjoyed success by filling up Klub Goud at A-TOWER, Antwerp's pop-up answer to Le Bain/Boom Boom Room (NYC) to it's maximum capacity, playing sets at several store openings and landing a feature in Vogue US as a part of the #GIRLSDOITBETTER collective. She is currently also developing her sound as an aspiring producer and continues transcending the limitations of any music genre in her diverse tour-de-force DJ sets nationwide and beyond.