Picture by Jeroen Bal.

There are few words that are sufficient to describe Franky Jones. He has been around for over almost three decades, spreading his message of love the last 32 years through his beats. Fast, slow, trippy, funky, mental, groovy and melodiues all with relentless passion. His broad musical taste ranges from disco to new wave and new beat in the early '80s to hiphop, house, techno and beyond !!! Getting his inspiration from artists like Prince, Depeche Mode, Run DMC, The Beastie Boys and Kraftwerk, Dr Jones guides you to the outer edges of the musical universe. He has played at some of the most legendary Raves like MAYDAY, LOVE PARADE, I LOVE TECHNO, TOMORROWLAND, HOUSE TORHOUT, INNER CITY and TECHNO 2000. Franky is one of Belgium's most acknowledged artists, a true Pioneer !!!

Franky was also one of the driving forces behind the illustrious Bonzai label, wich helped shape the face of the Belgian dance culture and beyond. His biggest production monster "THE FIRST REBIRTH" is still standing the test of time after 24 years and being played every weekend around the world !!! He is also famous for delivering high quality dj sets in all kinds of music. If you're wondering what that sounds like, go visit him somewhere on the planet doing his shit he likes .... Being the Music !!!


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