No story. Just a pile of A-class records and some raw energy, baby. 

Expect a 100% in-your-face performance with bass music including a little bit of everything: electro, house, hiphop, trap, techno, pop, moombah-whatever-the-heck-you-name it, and more. 
No pigeonholes - leave those for pigeons. We are here to sweat!

LEXTRAVAGANZA brings a dose of energy high enough to power up your hometown community. Played at numerous clubs, events and festivals including Tomorrowland, 10 Days Off, Summerfestival, Dour Festival, Studio Brussel, Marktrock, MTV Party Noise, Noxx, Café D'Anvers, Daydream Festival and many more. 

You're about to get raved, so start moving.


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