Madame Blavatsky is a three piece Ghent based band led by producer / drummer Marius Couvreur.

The band brings electronic ‘bass’ music to life which results in a steady mix of future beats, UK bass, grime, trap and glitch hop. The bass and drums form the foundation, while a thick layer of harmonic synth and guitar work rests on top.  

Marius met guitarist Artan Buleshkaj (Marta Rosa, Brain/Child, HAST) and pianist Jonas Desmet (Shore Shot, Kevin Spaceballs), who completed the band, in the Conservatory of Ghent. In the summer of 2015, the trio won the audience prize and second place at talent contest De Beloften. They worked with producer Jens Paeyeneers (Vuurwerk, Seiren) to release their first EP ‘Gallium’ in 2017. The unique handmade silk screened artwork was delivered by Ship of Fools (Yägermester, DM Magazine, Studio Brussel, the royal house, Klara Festival a.o.). Two songs from the EP appeared on VRT Forward, a vlog for national television.

In late 2017, DJ Lefto scouted Madame Blavatsky and signed them for Made in Belgium (in collab with Red Bull Elektropedia and Democrazy). In an article for De Morgen, Lefto praised the performance of the band: “what these guys of Madame Blavatsky accomplish I can only describe as ‘the wow-feeling’. Their sound is new, fascinating and no one sounds alike.” At Lefto’s request, the single Steak in the Neck was finished and released shortly after. It aired on national and international radio’s like Studio Brussel, Worldwide FM, Ushabti Radio, Ness Radio, UrGent FM en XL Air. In January 2018 the song was rewarded FuzzTrack of the month by Fuzz Magazine and In October the single appeared on ‘Lefto presents: Jazz Cats’, a compilation album on Belgian groove jazz, curated by Lefto and released on Sdban Records / N.E.W.S. Records (CD & vinyl).

For the ‘musical map of the Brugse Poort’, a social artistic project from De Vieze Gasten, Madame Blavatsky recorded with Indian percussionist Sattar Khan (Aum Shanti Group, Amanat Ali Kawa, Maya Sapera). The result will be released on a compilation album by De Vieze Gasten.

Along the way, the band played in venues and festivals like Boomtown, RSL Jazz, Copacobana Festival, Zaradi Tebe, Made in Belgium (Nest), Minard Schouwburg, CC Den Hoogen Pad, De Beloften (Democrazy), Yart Platform, Boem Boem Festival (WAAS), Golden Retreat NIPPON/Japan (De Koer), Charlatan, Trefpunt Concertzaal, Discɔover (Snuffel Hall), _Plek a.o.

Madame Blavatsky is inspired by artists like Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Slugabed, Pomrad, Dorian Concept, and Skepta, and also Herbie Hancock, Tigran Hamasyan, Brad Mehldau, Miles Davis.

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