The Mixfitz is not just another dj crew. It's three champion turntablists - dj Cross (IFC), dj Damented (Killa Tactics) and dj Jack (IFC) - joining forces, and seamlessly blending their styles of music and mixing. Defying any boundaries, they deliver a blazing mix of bass heavy music ranging from 70 to 140 BPM - but with the technical prowess of champion turntablists and the knowhow of experienced club dj's. The Mixfitz are the 2012 DMC world champions, and 2013 vice world champions. They decided to retire from battling, to focus on making music, and tearing up stages all over the world.

You may have caught The Mixfitz in the Studio Brussel ether as Playground residents, or live in the mix at big parties and festivals like Laundry Day, Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop, Rock Werchter, Lokerse Feesten, Les Ardentes, Summerfestival, JIMtv's The Big Live, TMF StressFactor, Schoolrock, Replay Festival, Springtime, VW Campus Tour and countless others.


If there's one thing that sets The Mixfitz apart from other dj acts in and around the country, it's the fact that they incorporate years and years of dj-battle experience into their sets. All three members made a name for themselves in the dj-battle circuit, long before there was The Mixfitz. As a matter of fact, collectively they hold no less than 21 national solo titles, the most notable of which would be dj Cross' IDA 2011 World Champion title.

And then the magic happened... The Mixfitz entered in the DMC team battle for the very first time in 2012, and went on to win what is considered to be Olympic gold for dj's; the highly acclaimed DMC Team World Championship. This puts their name atop a select list of former champions such as The Allies, Birdy Nam Nam, C2C & Kireek.


What will the future bring for The Mixfitz? World domination, firstly. And obviously, there are plenty of parties left to rock - check the calendar on the homepage for proof! But it’s not just about playing other people’s records. The Mixfitz have been playing their own mashups, remixes and edits for years, and venturing into dance music production is definitely the biggest ambition. So keep an eye out for official releases from The Mixfitz in the near future!

But in the meantime, see you on the dancefloor!

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